Sometimes going to the gym is the very last thing you want to do and you can usually find every excuse known to man to avoid going.  A good way to think about it logically is relating it to work…not many of us want to work either, but unfortunately we have to in order to make a living and provide for our family.  The same logic applies to the gym (You must be healthy to live a long enjoyable life) and if you are not living what good is a job?… therefore I find an hour in the day to go.

For those of you having trouble getting motivated I suggest taking a picture of yourself and posting it somewhere you will see it every single day. The refrigerator worked well for me and actually curbed my appetite, gRiN.

Here’s some other tips to help with the motivation:

  • Find a gym partner who is experienced – When we have an obligation to meet someone we tend to prioritize it with more importance.  Having a partner that goes to the gym regularly not only provides someone to teach you the correct routines but it’s more likely they will push you harder to make the appointment.  2 Lazy people = missed trip to the gym
  • Set goals and visulaize yourself meeting those goals
  • Measure results regularly – It takes time to see results but when it happens, it’s one of the biggest motivation techniques.
  • Buy a size smaller in your clothes (Unless you like wasting money you will try like to hell to get into them)

I’m sure there are plenty more and do whatever works for you but get in the gym!  Feel free to post any ways you find to make that trip to the gym an easier one.


~ by shape{me} on February 23, 2007.

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